Burning your Chametz Safely

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25 Feb 2014

1 – Burn only what you collect during Bedikat Chametz (not whole boxes of cereal). Do not burn plastic/aluminum foil.

beach campfire2 – Never allow children near the fire.

3 – Wear gloves

4 – Try to burn inside a metal can (a garbage can)

5 – Do not burn on your lawn or near/in the woods – we have had very little rain and brush fires start VERY easily.

6 – When you do burn, please try to have a significant amount of water next to you (like a charged garden hose) so that you put the fire out if there is a problem.

7 – Do not leave the fire unattended (even for a second), even if it is just smoldering. Once the chametz has burned down to ashes, put water on it – L’halacha it is no longer edible chametz.

8 – Do not leave the ashes after you are done, wet it down/put dirt on it and throw it out.

Chag Sameach!