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Yaffa Ganz

Second Thoughts: From Badbad to Kushwait

March 4, 2009, by

I dunno – I just don’t know. You’d think that after 2365 years the story would be over already. Finished, old hat, dead as a doornail and utterly boring. I mean, how long can the same story keep happening, over and over again, even in up-dated versions? Yet here it is again in all its […]

A Place to Sigh – Israel Memorial Day

May 5, 2006, by

I WENT TO A FUNERAL — a spring funeral — in the city of Jerusalem. An Israeli soldier was killed; a Jewish boy had died. Another name was added to a list, a long list, of Jews who have given their lives in the past fifty years so that the Jewish State of Israel might […]

This – My Land, My People, My State

May 5, 2006, by

There are those who say the present state of the Israeli State is not enough. Enough? I say. Nothing man has is ever enough. There are those who say that patriotism for the Jewish State is not eminently respectable nowadays. Faulty, unstable, imperfect, this is not the State we hoped for.   But it is […]