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Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold

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Rabbi Akiva’s Students: Saints or Sinners?

April 17, 2018, by

Delivered at the OU Israel Center, April 17th, 2018 This shiur is sponsored by Helen Gross in loving memory of her Husband Alex Gross on his Yahrzeit The Gemara says Rebbi Akiva’s students died because “לא נהגו כבוד זה בזה”, they didn’t treat each other with respect: Why does the Gemara refer to them as […]

The Structure of the Haggadah

March 13, 2018, by

Rabbi Gold’s shiur is sponsored in memory of the 30th yartzeit of חנה לאה בת יוסף Eshet chayil of יחיאל שטערן ז”ל by Kaylie Berger and Faygie Hadari; in Loving Memory of Israel (Izzy) Kaplan, a true zionist a kind and gentle soul on his 8th yahrzeit the 28th of Adar by Susie Kaplan and […]

The Three Bikers

October 3, 2017, by

The highways in Israel on Yom Kippur: some focus on the fact that the highways are nearly empty, some focus on the lone bikers.