Rabbi Reuven Sasson 11 articles

Rabbi Sasson studied in yeshivot Mitzpeh Yericho and Beit El and is a student of the late Chief Rabbi R. Mordechai Eliyahu zt’l, R. Shabtai Sabato (Rosh Yeshiva Mitzpeh Yericho) and Rav Nachum Rechel. He also studied pnimiut ha’Torah under Rav Shalom Ullman zt’l, author of Daas Elohim. Rabbi Sasson taught gemora and emunah in yeshivat Ramat Gan and elsewhere for twenty years. In 2008, he established the yeshiva in Ramat HaSharon where he teaches gemora, halacha, Tanach and emunah. His in-depth shiurim on the melachos of Shabbos were recently published under the title Talelei Orah and received warm haskamos from a number of Gedolei Yisrael. Additionally, Rabbi Sasson delivers weekly shiurim in pnimiut ha’Torah that are attended by rabbis from across the country. Rabbi Sasson has authored over thirty sforim on a wide range of topics including two multi volume series, Talelei Chayim and B’ohr Panecha as well as works on the writings of Rav Kook. His works have gained a wide readership in Israel. Their hallmark of his writing is the communication of deep concepts in an accessible language. His sforim have received approbations from Gedolei Yisroel including Rav Avraham Shapira zt’l, Rav Shirya Dblitzky zt’l, former Rishon L’tzion R. Shlomo Amar ,Rav Meir Mazuz, Rav Mordechai Auerbach, Rav Gedalia Zimbalist, Rav yacov Ariel, and Rav Mordechai Atia. Rav Sassons’ kehilla is devoted to building bridges of love and achdus between religious and secular sectors of Ramat Hasharon. His efforts to spread Torah via the yeshiva, the Institute and all of its projects are the outgrowth of a prayer and a desire to bring the unique Torah of this generation, the generation that is witness to the progressive return of the Shechina to Zion, to all Am Yisroel.