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Phil Chernofsky

Rabbi Phil Chernofsky is the educational director of the OU Israel Center and the editor of Torah Tidbits, the Center's weekly Torah publication distributed throughout Israel.

Two Purims? A Deeper Look at the Jewish Calendar

February 6, 2019, by

The Rambam defines the mitzvah of kiddush hachodesh as sanctifying the month and intercalating the months to ensure that Pesach will always fall in the Spring. Hashem wants us to be partners in the creation of the calendar; a fixed calendar is less than ideal. Recorded at OU Israel’s L’Ayla Rosh Chodesh Women’s Event

Ha’azinu and Sukkot 5773: Torah Tidbits Audio

September 28, 2012, by

Lessons from Parshat Haazinu including why Torah is compared to water, the source of zimun, and studying Torah, plus the uniqueness of the commandment of dwelling in the Sukkah. Torah Tidbits Audio for Parshat Ha’azinu and Sukkot.

Bechukotai 5772: Torah Tidbits Audio

May 18, 2012, by

Let’s Open Our Sefarim This Yom Yerushalayim   God’s deal with us is that if we follow His commandments, he will give us His land. All Jews should learn about the Torah & keep ALL of its mitzvot.

Yom Kippur 5772: Torah Tidbits Audio

October 6, 2011, by

On Yom Kippur Moshe came down with the luchot & God forgave the Jews for the golden calf. This made the time prime for repentance & introspection. Solemn, Joyous, and Challenging – Torah Tidbits Audio for Yom Kippur.