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Esther Wein

Esther Wein

Pesach 5772: From Matzah to Bread

March 29, 2012, by

The transition from Pesach to Shavuot: Pesach is parallel to not being able to eat from the Etz Hadaat (which according to one opinion was wheat) & Shavuot, the day we received the Torah (and when we bring the shtei halechem) is parallel to our being permitted to eat from the Etz Hadaat.

Chanukah 5772: Pharaoh’s Dreams & Chanukah

December 23, 2011, by

Fatalism and Freedom: Pharaoh’s Chanukah Dreams: Pharaoh’s dreams, through a long chain of events, led to a great revelation of a single God who controls nature. This concept is the antithesis of what the Greeks believed.

The 3 Weeks Part II: Tov and Ra

August 3, 2011, by

For part 1 click here. Ra (evil) is that which gets in the way of our achieving the tzurat ha’adam, man in his ideal state, as he was at the time of creation.

The 3 Weeks Part I: Tov and Ra

July 22, 2011, by

The big picture: the 3 weeks and the Fragmenting of the Tzurat Ha’adam – a much earlier concept which is found at the beginning of Sefer Bereishit expresses itself during the 3 weeks & especially on Tisha B’Av. For part 2 click here.

Purim 5771: Part III – Hashavat Aveida

March 17, 2011, by

Purim and the Mitzva of Hashavat Aveida (returning a lost object): Why do the terms lost (ibud), return (l’hashiv), & seek (l’vakesh) appear so many times in the megillah? For part 1 click here For part 2 click here

Purim 5771: Part II (Esther Wein)

March 12, 2011, by

The Malach Hamavet and Besamim: Why is Purim so elemental and limitless that it is rooted in the beginning of time (etz hada’at). Why is it the only holiday that will exist when Moshiach comes? For part 1 click here For part 3 click here

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