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Barry Yaffe

Barry M, Yaffe, MD, Ph.D has been practicing clinical oncology for the past 22 years, and is in the process of shifting his professional emphasis back to his first love, biomedical research. Originally hailing from Memphis, TN, he studied under Rav Meir Belsky at The Yeshiva of the South. For the past two decades he has lived with his wife Jennifer in Atlanta, GA, a place which has developed into a serious makom Torah within a single generation. His passion is to elucidate a deeper understanding of Tehillim through the application of a novel yet ancient system of textual and thematic analysis. He is the proud father of three wonderful children and five grandchildren. He may be emailed at bmy777@yahoo.com.

One Coin—Two Sides

December 13, 2017, by

When we check the weekly sedrah reading for Shabbas Chanukah (ie the narrative of the sale of Yosef, in the weekly Parshios of Vayeishev, Mikeitz or Vayigash) looking for some prophetic hint or link to the holiday, we find to our surprise a whole host of phrases that sound familiar to us, not related to […]

The Tisha B’Av That Wasn’t There

March 10, 2014, by

It’s about time. Megillas Esther is all about time. It’s all over the entire sefer, the whole book is chock-full of times. Everywhere you look in the Megillah, there is another referent to time. A gala extravaganza planned for the third year of the reign of King Achashverosh (1:3) 180 days from the start of the festivities until the slamdunk grand […]