Hearing the Haggadah: the Authentic Messages of the Seder Night

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08 Apr 2019

The Seder, despite its name seems on the surface to be disorderly. What is the internal logic of the order?

What is the goal? How does the Seder accomplish this goal? How do the pieces fit together to accomplish this goal.

Three layers to the Haggadah:

  1. Halacha (7 Halachot on the Seder night) – the mitzvot are woven into the fabric of the Seder.  The four cups are flag posts
  2. **The Seder doesn’t recreate yetziat mitzrayim, it recreates the Korban Pesach which is why the Seder takes place at night (when they ate the korban Pesach), not at noon (when they departed)
  3. Our Transition from family to a nation (without losing individuality)

Delivered at the OU Israel Center, April 10th, 2019, 5 Nisan 5779
This shiur is sponsored in Loving Memory of Zev Tsvi ben Zecharia who’s yahrzeit is the 7th of Nissan