OU Issues Purim Safety Alert

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16 Jan 2014

Let’s be safe on Purim!

Bodily harm through intoxication is not a mitzvah no Purim, and driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal, leads to impaired judgement, and could even result in a catastrophe.

It is time for parents and teens to be proactive and make certain that safety is the overriding concern throughout Purim!


Fast Facts on Drinking Beyond Purim

Signs and Symptoms of Teen Drinking Problems

How can you tell if your child is using alcohol? It is difficult because changes in moods oe attitudes, unusual temper outbursts, changes in sleeping habits and changes in hobbies or other interests are common in teens. What should you look for?

You can also look for signs of depression, withdrawl, carelessness with grooming, or hostility. Also, ask yourself, is your child doing well in school, getting along with friends, taking part in sports or other activities?

Watch List for Parents