Jewish Medical Ethics Conference

March 21, 2013

For MP3 recordings from our 4th International Jewish Medical Ethics Conference, please click here.

Here’s what people have said about our previous Jewish Medical Ethics conferences:

  • “Yasher Koach for a marvelous weekend at Lake Placid. There wasn’t a person who I spoke to who didn’t rave about every aspect of the programming.”
  • “It was the most exciting learning experience that I have ever attended.”
  • “I left the conference on a total high. It was such a wonderful Shabbat experience. It was a Kiddush Hashem in so many aspects. The Torah learned, the Divrei Torah, and being in the presence of true role models was a wonderful experience.”
  • “I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Jewish Medical Ethics conference last week in Lake Placid. I found the sessions and the networking opportunities to be very worthwhile. I look forward to the opportunity to participate in the conference in a more active way in the future.”