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OU Presents January Mission 2008 to Israel with Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, Jan 20-27

December 12, 2007, by

With the ultimate tour guide — OU Executive Vice President Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb — participating and sharing several special presentations during tours and over Shabbat, the Orthodox Union will present its “family friendly” OU January Mission 2008 to Israel, Sunday January 20 to Sunday January 27, to provide the combination of touring, study and Shabbat that only OU missions can accomplish. Bar and Bat Mitzvah age youngsters are specifically invited to the mission, which will take place during “yeshiva week,” when many Jewish schools are on their winter break.

Almost 200 Teens from East, Midwest and Canada to Attend OU-NCSY Winter Yarchei Kallah

December 10, 2007, by

For public school teens who want to learn more about Judaism, winter vacation is not just a time to sleep late and eat Chinese food. Almost 200 public high school teens from as far west as Detroit will travel to Stamford, CT, December 25-30 for a national Yarchei Kallah, 5 days of level-appropriate learning, sponsored by NCSY, the OU’s national youth program. The Stamford Sheraton Hotel will host the Yarchei Kallah, which is an intensive seminar for teens who want to experience immersion in a Torah-observant-lifestyle.

Return of the Natives: OU Highlights Home Grown Talent at LATorah Convention, Dec 20-25

December 5, 2007, by

Bursting with pride that in the past quarter century Los Angeles has become a major center of Torah life, the Orthodox Union West Coast Region will present its 17th Annual West Coast Torah Convention with the dual themes of “Highlighting Our Home Grown Talent,” and – with an eye on the future – “Guaranteeing Continuity: Keeping Our Children Jewish and Orthodox.”

OU’s Yachad/NJCD Presents ‘Academy Awards’ on Dec 17, Third Annual ‘Oscar’ Benefit Event

November 30, 2007, by

Following 2006’s and 2005’s highly successful “Academy Awards” for leading performances in support of people with disabilities, presented by the Orthodox Union’s Yachad/ NJCD, the program returns once again this year with “Yachad Oscars: A Benefit and Awards Ceremony.” The “Oscars” celebrate the “Jewish community’s dedicated individuals who have consistently delivered outstanding performances on behalf of Yachad/NJCD.”

Journey from Cheerleader to Jewish Youth Leader: Overland Park Teen is NCSY International President

November 29, 2007, by

What could possibly compel a contented teenager from Overland Park to give up her blue jeans, class parties, and the cheerleading squad to become a shomer Shabbat (Sabbath observer), strictly kosher yeshiva girl? NCSY, the international youth program (the United States and Canada) of the Orthodox Union, enthusiastically takes the blame, and welcomes Sarah Jampolsky, 17, to her new position as NCSY’s International President. No one is more surprised by the transformation then the Kansas girl herself.

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