When Tisha b’Av is Observed on Sunday

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1. When Tisha b’Av falls on Sunday or on Shabbos – Shabbos is for the most part a regular Shabbos. We eat regular meat Shabbos meals, and wear our regular Shabbos clothing.

a. On Erev Shabbos one can shower, but it is best to use hot water only on one’s face, hands, and feet.

i. Some of the more recent and contemporary Poskim allow regular hot showers on Erev Shabbos (Rav Moshe Soleveitchik allowed hot showers from Rosh Chodesh Av through Erev Tisha b’Av)

1. It is best to at least try to take a short shower, and to minimize any unnecessary time in the shower.

2. On Erev Tisha b’Av it is always preferable not to learn after Chatzos. Therefore many communities are Noheg not to learn Pirkei Avos on this Shabbos afternoon.

a. The Maharil maintains that one should still learn the week’s Perek.

3. On Shabbos one does not have a special Seudas Mafsekes. One may eat meat and drink wine until the fast. However one must start the fast at Shkia. This means that at Shkia even though it is Shabbos one must stop eating.

a. This is only true regarding eating – the other inuyim (not wearing leather shoes, not washing one’s hands, and not being intimate only start at nightfall.

4. We continue to wear our shoes until Barechu is said.

a. It is best to bring the non-leather shoes to shul before Shabbos. If one didn’t and one uses the Eiruv, one can bring them on Shabbos (Rav Shlomo Zalman, and Rav Belsky Shlita)

b. The Shliach Tzibur takes off his shoes before Barichu. It is important that he should say Baruch Hamavdil before taking off his shoes.

c. Once we remove our shoes we sit on the ground (or on a low stool).

5. On Motzei Shabbos we recite Havdolo in Shmoneh Esrei. Women who don’t daven Maariv should say Baruch Hamavdil. When one has the opportunity one should recite Meorei HaEish. Havdolo on a cup is only recited on Sunday night. When Havdolo is recited it is only recited Al Hakos and not with a candle or besamim.

a. It is therefore important that one who is breaking their fast on Tisha b’Av should make Havdolo before doing so. This includes women.

6. When there is a bris that falls on a Tisha b’Av shenidche than the bris should be done after Chatzos. The father and the Mohel should daven Mincha perform the bris and then eat.

a. The Baalei bris do not have to make up the fast.

7. When Tisha b’Av falls on Shabbos then one may do laundry, shower, and change clothes on Sunday night.

a. One should still ideally refrain from eating meat, drinking wine, listening to music and shaving/taking haircuts until Monday daytime.

8. This Shabbos is the same as Shabbos Chazon. Whatever Minhagim a person or a community has for Shabbos Chazon are observed on this Shabbos.

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