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Pesach: A Mini-Reflections Haggadah

March 25, 2010, by

Pesach is what we call it, while Hashem calls it Chag Hamatzos. The Berditchever Rebbe famously explained: Pesach is what Hashem did for us. Chag Hamatzos is our great leap of faith for the love of God. For the other is the essence of any relationship. Our tefillin say Shema Yisrael and His “tefillin” say […]

Teaching the Value of Freedom at the Seder

March 17, 2010, by

Imagine the following Seder “teaching” technique. (Full disclosure: my wife has forbidden me from actually doing this at our Seder this year. Or any year.) After Kiddush, sometime after eating the Karpas and breaking the middle matzah, you turn to one of your children arbitrarily, point to her angrily and say, “Go to your room. […]

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