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Rabbi Steven Weil

Rabbi Steven Weil

Rabbi Steven Weil is Senior Managing Director of the Orthodox Union.

The 23rd Kinnah – The Seventh Million

July 11, 2012, by

The Survivors’ Unspoken Tragedy. We can’t relate to large numbers like 6 million. We can, on the other hand, relate to individuals, like Anne Frank. This is the idea of Kinnah 23 – a personal saga of survivors, the son and daughter of R’ Yishmael Kohen Gadol.

Five Themes in the Haggadah

April 2, 2012, by

Rabbi Weil discusses 5 Haggadah themes: Ha Lachma Anya, reliving the Exodus, kriyat yam suf, next year in Jerusalem, and the Korban Pesach. Listen to the audio version here.

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