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Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld

Prisoner #313

September 25, 2008, by

Rosh Hashanah Mussaf teaches us how to overcome life’s challenges: we only answer to God, our idealism/our real goals, and the shofar’s promise. The symbolism of the Rosh Hashana Mussaf service. Lessons learned – God alone is King, you must have a dream, we have the strength to overcome challenges. Presented by Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld, […]

Can You Hear Me Now?

September 24, 2008, by

Blasting your own shofar and hearing God’s call. On Rosh HaShana we are commanded to HEAR the call of the shofar. We recognize when we sound the shofar we aren’t just making music, it’s God calling us. A look at the shofar on Rosh Hashana with Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld, Rabbi of OU Synagogue Ohev Sholom/The National […]