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Rabbi Hershel Billet

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Rabbi Hershel Billet is the rabbi of the Young Israel of Woodmere.

Selected Halachot for Erev Pesach that Occurs on Shabbat

February 25, 2011, by

Adapted and excerpted from a previously published essay by Rabbi Hershel Billet, Morah D’Asra Young Israel of Woodmere. These selections are not meant to be the final arbiter. If you have any questions, please consult a competent halachic authority. Provided by the Orthodox Union’s Department of Synagogue Services. FAST OF THE FIRSTBORN MALES: Since one […]

Hidden Secret Behind the Story of Mordechai & Esther

March 17, 2008, by

Mordechai was perplexed about why Esther was selected to become the queen…until Haman’s decree. Once Mordechai learns of the decree we are told that “Mordechai Yada” meaning that he understood what Hashem had in mind. Part three of eight from the Torah Dimensions box set on Purim Themes.