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Rabbi Eli Gersten

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Sukkot FAQs: Building & Eating in the Sukkah

October 7, 2014, by

OU Kosher presents frequently asked questions to-date on the OU Kosher Hotline (212-613-8241) by consumers in preparation for Sukkot. Questions may also be submitted to kosherq@ou.org. The questions below were answered by  Rabbi Eli Gersten, rabbinic coordinator and halachic recorder. The responses were reviewed by Rabbi Yaakov Luban, OU Kosher executive rabbinic coordinator. Rabbi Moshe Zywica, OU Kosher executive […]

Kitniyot: A Lesson in Legumes

March 17, 2010, by

OU-D, OU-Fish, OU-P—is there anything left? YES! The OU has unveiled a new kashrut symbol: OU-Kitniyot. This symbol is designed to help those who eat kitniyot during Passover. For background data, tune in here to Rabbi Eli Gersten, the Rabbinic Coordinator with OU Kashruth assigned to record OU halachic policies, as he addresses such questions […]

A Busy Day of Rest

April 9, 2008, by

This year (5768), Erev Pesach falls on Shabbos. How do we address the unique needs of both special days? Tune in to Rabbi Eli Gersten, a Rabbinic Coordinator with OU Kashruth charged with recording OU halachic policies, and hear a lucid, thorough, and systematic examination of the issues. Among the topics addressed are: Siyum Bechoros; […]