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Rabbi David Mintz

The Kashrus of Medicine for Pesach

March 21, 2007, by

G-d wants us to guard our health. G-d wants us to avoid eating Chametz during Pesach. What do we do when these imperatives conflict? What does one do when a medicine contains fermented grains or legumes? OU Kashruth is happy to present Rabbi Mintz, the Rabbinic Coordinator charged with recording OU policy, in a special […]

Products and Medications for Use on Pesach

March 20, 2007, by

Products and Medications for use on Pesach. Presented Rabbi David Mintz an OU Rabbinic Coordinator of Psak and Policy. Recorded on March 18, 2007 at Lincoln Square Synagogue in NY,NY as part of the Harry H. Beren Ask OU8 Pesach Yom Iyun .

Kitniyot: The Next Best Thing to Chametz

February 26, 2007, by

Only five grains can ferment to become chometz (leavened); why are so many more forbidden during Pesach? Join Rabbi Mintz, OU Kashruth Rabbinic Coordinator charged with recording OU P’sak and Policy, in a thorough exploration of the topic of Kitniyot (“legumes”). How did such a custom start among the Ashkenazim? To what foods does it […]