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Rabbi Yosef Zvi Rimon is an internationally acclaimed posek, author, educator, and lecturer. His Halachic works reflect his unique approach, taking the reader from the sources to the practical application of Halacha in our modern reality within the framework of a user-friendly, pedagogical methodology. Rav Rimon has become known worldwide for developing a methodology of mapping out Jewish texts from the earliest sources to contemporary application, using vivid graphic design and eye-opening charts in a manner that is clear, exciting, and inspiring. In recognition of Rav Rimon's outstanding achievements, he was awarded the Katz Prize in 2018 for the application of Halacha in modem society. He was also awarded the President's Prize for Volunteerism in 2008 and the Moskowitz Prize for Zionism in 2014 for his revolutionary chessed initiatives. Rav Rimon currently serves as Rosh Yeshiva of Lev Academic Center (JCT), Founder and Chairman of Sulamot and Jobkatif, and Rabbi of Alon Shvut South.
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