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Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein

Born and raised in London, Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein came to Israel following high school, where he studied for a number of years in Yeshivas Ateres Yisrael in Jerusalem, receiving Rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Chaim Walkin in 2001. Rabbi Bernstein is a distinguished author of both Hebrew and English books, publishing many works on Chumash, Talmud, and Tefillah (prayer). Additionally, Rabbi Bernstein offers weekly lectures that are open to the public on the weekly Torah portion, and other Talmudic topics. Rabbi Bernstein has taught Talmud in Yeshivat Ateres Yisrael, as well as lectured for a number of years at Michlala Jerusalem College for Women. He currently resides in Jerusalem with his family.

The Mitzvah of Reading the Megillah

March 19, 2019, by

What are we fulfilling with the reading the megillah? Recounting the miracle is a form of publicizing the miracle and thus takes on an amplified status among mitzvot d’rabbanan. The obligation is based on the word נזכרים – remembered. Thus reading the megillah is closely associated with another זכירה – remembering Amalek, and is a […]

Topics for Shavuos Study

April 26, 2018, by

If you would like to learn a selected topic on Shavuos night but don’t know where to begin, look no further! Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein has prepared a number of topics, adapted from his book Journeys in Talmud, designed to guide users through the primary Gemaras, the positions of the Rishonim and selected insights of the Acharonim. […]

Jews Without Borders

February 13, 2018, by

Reprinted with permission from Rabbi Bernstein’s new book, Purim: Removing The Mask Comparing Purim with Chanukah The Vilna Gaon makes a fascinating observation with regard to the two festivals that were ordained by the Rabbis: Purim and Chanukah. In terms of the “level” of miracle involved, it would seem that the miracle of Chanukah was greater: […]

Purim 5777

March 8, 2017, by

The mitzvot of Purim apply during the day, megillah is an exception due to a drasha in the Gemara. What are the requirements for the Purim seudah?