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Rabbi Ari Enkin

Purim on a Friday

February 12, 2021, by

Although Purim is a holiday that is anticipated all year long, a Friday arrival is often received in a slightly disappointing manner. This is because in most years, the merrymaking of Purim not only lasts all day, but it continues well into the night, as well. A Friday Purim simply doesn’t allow for such extensive merrymaking […]

Torah Study on Tisha B’av

July 24, 2020, by

The prohibition against studying Torah on Tisha B’av[1] is well known.[2] The primary reason for it is because we are not supposed to be happy on Tisha B’av, to say the least, and Torah study makes one happy, as it says, “The statutes of Hashem are upright, they make the heart rejoice.”[3] Another reason that Torah study is […]