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Mendel Jacobson

Parshat Bamidbar: Desert Prose

May 19, 2009, by

Walk on the sands of an hourglass shattered. Bare feet blistered, bleeding as they drag on those little grains of a scorched earth. It is so cold, then so hot: cold because the heart is turned to ice, hot because the feverish mind is burning up. The paradoxes of this place make no sense at […]

Parshat Behar-Bechukotai: Heightened Sense

May 12, 2009, by

On Mount Sinai… Many metaphors hitchhike along the road that is Life on the hoarse-driven carriage that is the oft-used vocal cords of Language. Heaven and Earth, besides for being what they are, represent our lofty aspirations and pragmatic implementations; High and Low, besides for being notches on the vertical yardstick, depict ones feelings and […]

Parshat Emor: Per Say

May 6, 2009, by

Say to the… It isn’t easy saying it. Especially when it’s real. We met at one of those crossroads; you know, one of those that are more cross and less road. She was sleeping there. I was awake; thought I knew where I was going. Ha! In retrospect, what a foolish thought. Well, she was […]