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Dayan Isidor Grunfeld

Dayan Isidor Grunfeld (1900–1975), also known by his Hebrew name Yishai ha-Kohen Grunfeld, was a dayan (rabbinical judge) and author who was associated with the London Beth Din (rabbinical court). He is best known for several popular works on Jewish law, and for his translations of the works of Samson Raphael Hirsch.

Remember the Day of Shabbat: Dayan I. Grunfeld

July 17, 2006, by

“I have a precious gift in my treasury,” said G-d to Moshe; “Shabbat is its name; go and tell Israel I wish to present it to them.” (Masechet Shabbat 10b) “A semblance of the World-to-Come is the Day of Shabbat.” (Shabbat Zemirot) Material in this section is abstracted, with permission, from “The Sabbath,” by Dayan […]

Protect the Day of Shabbat

July 17, 2006, by

“Whoever is careful with the observance of Shabbat, will be forgiven for all his sins, even idolatry” (Masechet Shabbat 118b) “If the Children of Israel would observe one Shabbat properly, the Mashiach would immediately come” (Yerushalmi Taanit 1,1) Importance of Melacha Prohibition Dayan Grunfeld explains the importance of the prohibition of Melacha on Shabbat: “We […]