These Days of Purim Shall Not Cease From Among the Jews

Purim is not the most important day on the Jewish calendar. Certainly, the Biblical Festivals of Pesach, Succos and Shavuos are more integral to Jewish life, to say nothing of the “High Holy Days” of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. And yet it is Purim that we are promised will never cease, not even in the Messianic era. Why is that?

I’m not going to tell you. If I did, you’d have less motivation to read Purim is Forever, just one of several articles now featured on OU Holidays in anticipation of our most joyous holiday.

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Of course, there’s plenty more. As Adar approaches and the holiday draws nearer, we’ll be rotating features but there’s no need to wait – you can see all of our Purim content right now here. (And, if you’re mentally prepared for it, you can even get started with our Pesach content!)

So happy Purim, and remember: If you’re driving, don’t drink! If you’re drinking, don’t drive!