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“Justice belongs to God” (Devarim 1:17), and He has entrusted us as human beings to apply it. While we may turn to God with questions about the pervasive injustice in the
Jan 11, 2024
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Asara b’Teves, Us and Them
Fast days such as Asara b’Teves are opportunities to remember the past so that we will not be condemned to repeat it, moving us to recognize that our current challenges come
Dec 21, 2023
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Chanukah Lights and Campus Darkness
On August 31, 1837, Ralph Waldo Emerson gave an epic address at Harvard University in which he said “character is higher than intellect.” Those five words should guide the presidents
Dec 7, 2023
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
The UN and the Failure of Mankind
Yesterday, I joined hundreds of American Jews – mostly women – in witnessing the failure of mankind. The gathering took place at the United Nations New York headquarters and was
Dec 5, 2023
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Context, Patience, and the Long Game of Jewish History
This week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer gave a Jewish speech in the Senate. Upon first hearing it, other words came to mind: Epic. Thorough. Thoughtful. Educational. Moving. Personal. But upon reflection,
Dec 1, 2023
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Antisemitism, Islamophobia, and Crickets
As Jewish Americans experience a horrible wave of antisemitic incidents, we stand in opposition to hate crimes of any kind, against any group. We absolutely condemn the shooting of three
Nov 30, 2023
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Reflections on an Unusual Thanksgiving
There are events that force us to reconsider our fundamental assumptions and relationships. This is true of the tsunami of antisemitism that has surged in America in the aftermath of
Nov 22, 2023
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
We Support and We Hold Responsible
Today, the Government of Israel made one of the most morally and strategically complex and difficult decisions any group of elected officials can confront, making painful concessions to free hostages
Nov 21, 2023
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Daven on Monday. Rally on Tuesday.
On Tuesday, November 14th 2023, Rosh Chodesh Kislev, tens of thousands of us will travel to Washington, DC, to rally for Israel, for the hostages, and against antisemitism. We will
Nov 7, 2023
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Truly Fighting Antisemitism
On Shemini Atzeret 5784, October 7, 2023, our view of the world in which we reside was shattered. It has not recovered. On that day, the Jewish people in Israel
Oct 31, 2023
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer

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