Put a Lid On It!

On what? On that hut you’ve been building in your back yard! And make sure the lid is made of plant matter! That’s right – it’s Succos! (Or Sukkos, Succot, Sukkot – take your pick.)

Yom Kippur just ended and we have scant time to dive into Succos (Sukkot, whatever), so head over to OU Holidays NOW!

Why are you still here?

Fine, we’ll give you a taste of what you’ll find.

On the subject of Succos (Succotash? No, that’s not right…), we’re currently featuring Halacha L’Maaseh on Arba Minim by Richard Aiken, including a handy diagram on setting up your lulav. We also have Sukkot and the Power to Transform Trash Into Love by Rabbi Moshe Gersht, author of the book Sukkot Inspired.

From our Hoshana* Rabbah** content, we’re featuring Making the Most of Your Hoshana Rabba Experience by Rebbitzen Yemima Mizrachi.

For Shemini*** Atzeres,**** we have Mashiv HaRuach: Jewish Prayer for Wind and Rain by the intrepid and indefatigable OU Staff, plus Yizkor: The Memorial Prayer Service by yours truly.

Finally, for Simchas***** Torah, Charlie Harary asks, Why Dance Now?

But these are just our featured items! Dig deep because there are a lot of shiurim and articles to inform and inspire your Succos experience, no matter how you spell it!