SPIRIT: A Minute of Memory Matters

A Minute of Memory Matters: 7 quick tips to improve your memory How to remember where you parked your car How to use visualization to remember important things One basic […]

SPIRIT: Understanding Medicare: Review and 2023 Updates

 Understanding Medicare – Review and 2023 Updates What is Medicare Why am I getting bombarded with so many emails, telemarketing calls, flyers? Who can I trust for accurate information New […]

SPIRIT: (Kosher) Collagen Comes Full Circle

(Kosher) Collagen Comes Full Circle: The Wonders of Collagen and A Family Connection Collagen is a protein that is produced naturally by our bodies produce, but collagen production declines with […]

Home Buyer Basics 101: Real Estate

HOME BUYER BASICS 101:  Real Estate   Working with an agent Understanding Wants vs Needs Location Location Location Understanding Value in the current market Offer Process Contingencies Closing Presented by: […]

SPIRIT: Let’s Talk!

Let's Talk -- An Interactive Program Please join us for a new addition to the SPIRIT program.  "Let's Talk" will give all participants the opportunity to meet in small breakout […]

SPIRIT: Making Cents of Finances

Making Cents of Finances Financial planning and decision-making for every stage of life. Creating and maintaining a written budget. Balancing changing financial needs. Making deliberate decisions with money. Presented by […]

SPIRIT: Age with Grace: Staying Sharper Longer

Age with Grace: Staying Sharper Longer How diet, exercise, cognitive stimulation, and social stimulation affect the way you age! Learn the ways that you can improve your brain health today! […]

SPIRIT: Let’s Talk!

Let's Talk About Gift-Giving -- An Interactive Program As we approach the holiday season, let's talk about gift-giving among our family and friends! Please join us for a new addition […]