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SPIRIT: Xi Gong: Improving Mental and Physical Health — Part II 

September 22, 2020
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With Dr. Naomi Baum

Information from DR. NAOMI BAUM:

  1. I hope to open a class that is suitable for US times in the near future. If you are interested please contact me.  Info about qigong can be directed to me at my email:
  2. There are many recorded classes available on YouTube that can be accessed here:
  3. I have two classes a week at 9:30 AM Israel time. If you would like the link please contact me, or join my whattsapp group:
  4. For info on Rediscovering Resilience the four session program I completed recently under the auspices of the OU, you can go to my website:
  5. For info on my newest book, available for presale: or at