Youth Programming

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Children of different ages have different appreciation and understanding of the weekly parshiot and it’s important to create age appropriate programming to keep their interest.

Below you will find creative programming for the youngest audience followed by the OU’s Youth Professionals Network Parsha Packet that is sent to our Youth Directors each week with targeted programming for children in grades K-2, 3-4, 5-6 and a Dvar Torah for the teen groups. 

The simplicity of the attached allows programmers to use all or part to their synagogue or community’s youth share in an informed, fun and meaningful Shabbat experience. 



Little ones love the story of Noach. There are lots of beautiful Torah stories available online and in Parsha books. We’ve included some favorite picture books here as well:



After story time, ANIMAL- THEMED GAMES are most appropriate:



A themed snack is a great way to end the day…
Animal crackers, gummy bears and swedish fish — oh my!
Don’t forget drinks. Blue soft drinks (for water) OR prepared blue-colored ice-cubes (a touch of blue food coloring) added to cups of water make for a great surprise!