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Friday Night Activities

July 15, 2014


Included below are several options, contacts, goals and templates on how to create a successful Friday Night Activity. Each of the options below can be specifically tailored to your community or family!


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Contact: Rabbi Josh BroideOutreach Rabbi of Boca Raton Synagogue, FL

Rabbi Broide created a successful program titled, ‘Share One Shabbos’ whose goal was to create a new grassroots campaign to share the beauty of Shabbat with his synagogues, friends, neighbors and coworkers that traditionally did not celebrate Shabbat. Their concept was to, ‘invite one person or a family for a simple Shabbat dinner, a Shabbat lunch or an entire Shabbat and let them see the magic of the weekly experience that you enjoy in your home’.

Check out some of the videos that the synagogue created in preparation for their program!

  • How to invite a guest in a non intimidating way, click here
  • How to welcome your guest when they arrive at your home, click here
  • How to explain Shalom Aleichem and Eishet Chayil, click here
  • How to explain the blessing of the children, click here
  • How to explain and distribute Kiddush, click here
  • How to explain the washing of the hands and Ha’motzi, click here
  • Learn proper topics of conversation over the Shabbos meal, click here
  • Learn about benching and additional reminders for SOS, click here



Contact: Rabbi Daniel CohenRabbi of Congregation Agudath Shalom, CT

The community of Stamford, CT is bringing together the Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform movement under one roof with a program titled, ‘Shabbat Across Stamford’. They are in the planning process of renting space in a hotel and providing programming for the masses.

Their Friday night activity will consist of multiple prayer services, community-wide candle lighting and a joint Shabbat dinner with an engaging and neutral Scholar-in-Residence.

Some Materials Required

  • Large Venue
  • Tea Lights
  • Matches
  • Catered Meal (Click here for a sample meal)
  • Benchers
  • Siddurim
  • Kippot
  • Head Coverings



Shabbat dinner is one of the most beautiful and meaningful experiences one can share with family and friends. Sometimes, engaging the family can be a challenge–a little creativity can go a long way towards bringing everyone to the table–both figuratively and literally.ideas

Tying a theme into events in the secular or Jewish calendar, hobbies, musical or literary tastes or the weekly parsha can be a great way to enhance the Shabbat meal.

So add some decoration, creative invitations and you’ve got a great Shabbat Dinner in the making!


Here is an example:

A Dr. Seuss Shabbat Dinner

drseussGive it some thought, ask your family & friends what kind of celebratory Shabbat Dinner they would like to share with you and let your imagination go!

Click Here for a Sample Seuss Meal

Click Here for a Sample Seuss Nametags



Is your synagogue/ community hosting a Friday Night Activity? Tell us more! Email with the Subject Line ‘ Shabbat 2014′! You could be featured here!