Motzaei Shabbat Activities

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Included below are some options to conclude the Shabbat in an uplifting and enlightening way. Enclosed you will find craft activities, event templates, and ideas that can be used to close out the weekend in a fun and meaningful way.



Here are some ideas for your community-iStock_000014975769Large




This project can be done by children of any age with adult supervision. Experiment with different colors of beeswax!
If you twist or braid three candles together it makes an excellent Havdallah Candle!

What You Need:

1. Lay wax paper or brown paper on your work surface and tape down with masking tape. This will keep the wax from getting all over your table.

2. Decide how tall you want your candles to be. Cut a rectangle from beeswax sheet to that height and wide enough to roll at least three or four times.

3. Lay a piece of wick down at the end of the rectangle, parallel to the edge. Make sure it sticks out on one side–this will be the top, the part you light. Starting from the wick end, roll up the beeswax, keeping even pressure on the whole thing. Roll it about three or four times, until it becomes the thickness you like.

4. When it is the desired thickness, cut off the extra and use your fingers to gently press on the cut edge so that it is even.

5. Prepare  two more candles and tie them together with a beeswax ‘ribbon’–squeezing the top so the flames will touch when lit. Or, braid the three candles together.



 Cloves and cinnamon sticks are two traditional Ashkenazic spices that are long-lasting, easy to find, easy to store, and blend with another beautifully. Perfect for Havdallah!

What You Need:

1. Break cinnamon sticks with a hammer.

2. Place a teaspoon or two of the spices in the middle of the tulle circle.

3. Raise edges of tulle with fingers and twist shut.

4. Wrap a rubber band around the twist.

5. Cut a length of ribbon and tie it over the rubber band.


Is your synagogue/ community hosting a Motzaei Shabbat Activity? Tell us more! Email with the Subject Line ‘ Shabbat 2014′! You could be featured here!