You Gotta ‘Mun’ People

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There’s a very talented teen minyan leader at my shul. He’s primary skill is getting “buy in” for the events that he runs. I had a conversation with him about his technique. He put if very simply – “You gotta mun people.” What does that mean? “Mun” is a Yiddish word which probably derives from the Hebrew “Minuy” – “to appoint” or “to summon.” Stated very simply, you want buy in for your programs, you want key leaders to show up you have to mun them. How do you do that? Call them up. Invite them personally. Don’t just rely on the generic email. Perhaps send them a personal text before Shabbos with the poster of your event and write “Hi Arnold, I really hope you can come. You add so much.” People will love that personal touch.

Wishing you success,
Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn