Dealing with an Issue

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If you’re a rabbi or a president of a shul –one thing is certain: issues will come up. How we deal with our challenges is a significant yardstick for how the community buys in to what we are doing. When I say “issue” it of course can range from mostly anything to – “shul is too cold” or “the office staff never welcomes me.” Whatever the problem is – no matter how large or how small – there must be a simplified strategy or approach when dealing with the concern. Just recently I read “Measure What Matters” by John Doerr. As a separate blog post I want to share some of the research of this book. It’s quite fascinating and may help us measure our shul’s growth. But in going through the book, Doerr tangentially shares his three stage process for dealing with challenges.

Wow! Incredible. So simple, yet so elegant.

Let’s use a quirky example. Siddurim are all ripped.

Wishing you success,

Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn