The Search Committee

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I’d like to start a brief series that focuses on some ideas for shuls that are looking for new rabbis. Running a proper search committee is a very grueling process. If done wrong it can split your shul, alienate potential new members, and leave a bitterness lingering in the air for years to come. Finding a new rabbi for your shul should be an exciting period in this history of the organization. It’s a pivotal opportunity to activate and excite a membership base that have been inactive possibly for a lengthy period of time. In the next few articles I would like to cover:

Meanwhile, please send me your search committee horror stories and triumphs – I would love to incorporate (anonymously) the central take home ideas that emerge from your anecdotes.

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Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn is a Musmach of Yeshiva University. He has served as the founder of WINGS a Synagogue Consulting group. Prior to moving to Los Angeles, Rabbi Einhorn was the Rabbi of Manhattan’s West Side Institutional Synagogue where he helped grow the membership by 70% over 4 years. Currently, he is the Rav and Dean of Yeshivat Yavneh.