The Membership Notebook

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We spent some time talking about growing membership. Membership is useless is the new members aren’t going to be cultivated. How to properly cultivate new members is its own science and we definitely are going to need several blog posts to develop that. But meanwhile, I want to share with you a technique that helps lay the groundwork for a healthy approach to developing your membership.

Step 1 – Keep a Database –

You can use anything for this but I personally prefer Moleskin / Address Book (alphabetized). By last name, enter the names of each one of your membership family names.

Step 2 – Assess Engagement Level –

Beneath each name, determine a score (somewhat arbitrary) of Engagement Level (I call it EL). 1-10 – how engaged is this member. If you give them a 3, it gives you and your leadership a goal to work on. Move each member ahead a bit. Think of creative ways to get from 3-5 and then beyond that. (In a later blog we will address ways to do that).

Step 3 – Names of all family members –

This is a basic. You need to begin to know the names and create a relationship in the shul for all members of the family.

Step 4 – Ideas for next steps –

Just a chance to jot down some ideas for next steps and how you plan to create a greater connection with this particular member.

Wishing you success,
Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn