The Art of the Army

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The Art of the Army: Building Volunteerism within your shul.

Too often shul programs fail or under-produce because there simply isn’t enough help. I’d like to share with you an approach that will assist you in activating your membership base and turn them into a mobilized supporting group.

This week let’s focus on the building blocks for engaging volunteers.

  1. They need a personal invitation – the members you really need to assist you are not going to run to help out. They’re simply busy with their own lives. They need you to reach out to them and call them to action.
  2. Equip them for assignments and projects – don’t just throw them in cold. You can embolden your prospective volunteers by giving them the tools for success.
  3. People expect follow up and encouragement – let them about the job they did. Everybody needs feedback.
  4. People expect it to fit in their schedules – your baaley batim are extremely busy, respect their time.
  5. People expect to make a difference – this is especially true for millennials. Why do they get involved? Less out of a sense of loyalty and more out of a will to make a difference.
  6. People expect that their unique skill set will be used – make sure the task at hand is suitable to the prospective volunteers nature.
  7. People expect to build relationships – many of your volunteers come to meet others with similar interests. Some of your volunteers are joining your ask to get to know YOU.
  8. People expect to grow