Take 5 Seconds….

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Hi there! Welcome back.

This past week I overheard a conversation between two of my congregants. One asked the other “do you still have broigis (anger)?” He replied “no, no, my anger lasts 5 seconds and then I’m good.”

This little exchange is the answer to so many shul issues that turn into a crisis. The Rabbi or the President can at times take an angry customer/congregant/ guest at face value. “Because of how Mr. So and So reacted we need to do x and y.”  X and Y can equal = throw him out of shul or perhaps never do this specific program again or get rid of the canter. Slow down. Give emotional reactions a chance to breathe. There are so many factors that go into why people react the way they do. Emotions are complicated. There are loads of backdrop that you will never uncover. Don’t let those sudden waves dictate shul policy.

I remember once a new visitor walked into shul. I was speaking about whether or not one can eat Sushi in a non-kosher restaurant. I basically prohibited 98% of the permutations. The visitor comes over and says “that was pabulum and offensive.” He is now one of my closest friends and biggest supporters of “frum” lectures in the US. Sometimes a reaction is just a reaction. Let it breathe and often it would make sense not to give it too much weight.

Wishing you success,

Rabbi ShlomoEinhorn