Resource of the Month: Seth Godin

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Rabbi Einhorn’s SynaBlog is a new innovative blog that shares tips, tactics, strategies and best practices that enable Shul growth and promote Shul vitality.

Taking a break for a moment from membership building, I’d like to start a once a month sub-column featuring what I believe to be an incredible resource for any shul leader. This month’s resource is Seth Godin. Add him to your blog roll. Seth was first an entrepreneur but his real fame comes from marketing. Allow me to share with you some of his recent nuggets and show you how to use that in your quest for synagogue building:

1)      “You can’t please everyone” – We all know this but the question is what are you doing about it? Use that knowledge to be bolder and do better work for the people that you can please. My comment: This is incredible advice. I can’t tell you how many Rabbis and Presidents I’ve seen going down a completely wrong path just to try to please EVERY SIGNLE person. It never works.

2)      “It’s the moment before it tips” – We wait for this. We wait for the day when participating will truly pay off. But it’s a myth. Maximum leverage is not the result of one moment but rather commitment and daily persistence. My comment: When it comes to a membership drive, or a new initiative, we always wait – ‘now is not the time’. There is no great ‘now’ better than now and steady.

3)      “It’s time” – Time to get off the social media marketing merry-go-round that goes faster and faster but never actually goes anywhere. Time to stop hustling and interrupting. It’s time to stop making average stuff… My comment: A titanic call to change. We get stuck in these work cycles that really aren’t making a difference. We busy ourselves with useless shul procedures that aren’t truly changing lives. Shake it up!