Membership Options

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A successful membership drive is like a good smorgasbord – there must be options. Allowing for different points of entry is sure to make your membership accessible to people who are on the fence about joining.

I’d like to share with you what I feel is an appropriate break down of membership options. Of course each community operates with its own standards and quirks.

#1 – Family Annual Membership – married couple with or without children

Includes 2 Seats for the High Holidays

Up to 4 additional Member seats may be purchased @ xxx per seat

#2 – Individual Annual Membership: For an unmarried person

Includes 1 Member seat for the High Holidays

Up to 2 additional Member seats may be purchased @ xxx per seat

[The next two membership options are secondary memberships and therefore it would be best practice to put a line above it, separating it from the above two options]

#3 – Associate Annual Membership: For families and individuals affiliated with another institution who wish to support and officially affiliate with YYY as well.

           No High Holiday seats included – XXX

Up to 2 associate seats may be purchased @ xxx per seat [Note: Made this slightly higher than the full family membership additional seats]

#4 – Individual Student Annual Membership: A single person who is a full time student in a vocational or degree program

Includes 1 High Holiday seat – $XXX [Note: Make this very affordable]

Wishing you success,

Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn