Building the Shul Brand – Part 2

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Two weeks ago we began a discussion on branding and distinguishing our shul from any other shul out there. In the age of “fake news” dialogue there’s beginning to emerge a shift in how we brand. In 2018, people are less likely to trust us and too much of what we might do in this area will come off as shticky and hollow.

If last week addressed the beginning steps of building a shul brand, this week I’d like to discuss how to make our shul branding campaign reflect a sincere quality that people are looking for in our shuls.

#1 – Own your roots. A shul that has a history and culture of austerity and ceremony should not deny that. One particular shul has their leadership wearing top hats. Yes it is imperative to innovate and chart a new course but that doesn’t mean you need to throw away your past culture. Trying to pretend there was no history will be noticed a mile away.

#2 – Be you. If you’re a kid friendly shul, trying to brand your shul as THE PLACE for singles won’t stick. This doesn’t mean you can’t broaden your programing to appeal to diverse groups – but in terms of your image – be you.

#3 – Control your story. Whether you want to use Instagram / Social Media or simply your emails (we will get to social media another time) you need to be in charge of how you tell your story. The community will always chatter and talk but you set the tone through what you put out. Only you can carve out your story.