Shavuot Best Practices

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27 May 2016

Innovative Shavuot synagogue programming for all ages from successful synagogues.


“Game Show” theme

“Family Feud” put teams against each other, trying to determine the most popular answer to questions of Torah and traditions. “Jeopardy” questions will be taken from the weekly quiz questions in the Shabbos sheet. During the days of Shavuot, involve children and adults in game-show style learning games. Some questions and categories are harder than others so it makes for a game that the whole congregation can play. It is a really fun way to incorporate Torah learning throughout the holiday. Prior to the holiday, send out a Survey Monkey survey for the Family Feud game (name one of the Ten Commandments; name an animal that is prominent in a parsha, etc.). Tabulate the most popular answers, and build a large display board for both the Family Feud game and for Jeopardy.

Submitted by Beth Cohen, Executive Director, Beth Israel Synagogue (Omaha, NE)


Engage the entire kehillah in learning for Shavuot. Each participant will receive an assignment in Tanach to learn by Shavuot (multiple learning opportunities available!). The congregation comes together at a Siyum HaTorah on the 2nd day of Shavuot, following mincha, to learn, sing, and celebrate Torah as one. The attendees learn together by having participants, representative of all demographics, give divrei Torah. In addition, all those who are learning are encouraged to submit a dvar Torah to be published in a Siyum HaTorah booklet handed out at the siyum.

Submitted by Eileen Creeger, Suburban Orthodox Synagogue (Baltimore, MD)


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