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Hannah Farkas

Keeping Your Marriage Romantic and Fun

February 27, 2013, by

Toby Jungreis, Marital Counselor, (and D.V.M!) is a family therapist and counselor who has been published in the Saturday Evening Post, Modern Maturity, Rural Heritage, and Mature Living. He has authored five books which include How to Be a Great Husband and How to Make Your Fifties the Best Time of Your Life. Toby is […]

The 6 C’s of Conflict Resolution

February 27, 2013, by

Rochelle Harary, M.S., is a licensed school psychologist and mental health counselor, with specialized training in cognitive and projective assessment. She has further training in psychotherapy with children and adolescents and family. Presently, she is a school psychologist for a yeshiva, is in private practice, and lectures on parenting for the Orthodox Union and synagogues […]

How to Fall in Love with your Spouse for Life

February 27, 2013, by

Lauren Roth, LSW is a psychotherapist in private practice in Lakewood, New Jersey, who speaks extensively across the United States on many topics, including: marriage, parenting, healthful eating, and a variety of inspirational and Torah topics. Mrs. Roth holds a BA in Molecular Biology from Princeton University, and a Masters in Social Work from Rutgers. […]

Increasing Intimacy in the Age of Facebook and Twitter

February 27, 2013, by

Rabbi Dovid Cohen Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen, Esq., has a Masters degree in counseling from the University of North Texas with a concentration in family therapy and did clinical training in the Family Institute of Jerusalem. He has a particular interest in counselling couples and has done advanced training under the auspices of the Gottman […]

Continuing Marital Education Tips and Suggestions

February 27, 2013, by

Communication Skills Couples are encouraged to look at the importance of learning and practicing the relationship skill of listening—as well as expressing thoughts and feelings. Strengthening Communication Skills Committed couples care about and consistently work at the quality of their relationship. They realize that effective communication is important in strengthening their relationship. Couples who have […]

Purchase Your Safety Reflector Belts

February 27, 2013, by

Increase the safety of your synagogue membership and raise funds for your synagogue through a safety campaign for reflector belts. Safeguard families when walking to and from shul and any other night activity through wearing a reflector belt.

Kabbalat Shabbat

February 26, 2013, by

It is with great pleasure that we resume our Tefillah Tips. We have just concluded eleven weeks of tefillah tips for Shabbat mussaf which have been archived on www.oucommunity.org, in the Tefillah section. We now focus on Kabbalat Shabbat and welcome your feedback. Our Friday night tefillot differ from all other tefillot of the week. […]

Shabbat Mussaf

February 26, 2013, by

The heart of the Mussaf prayer is the Divine Command of the offering stated in Sefer Bamidbar, 28:9-10.  “And on the Sabbath Day you shall bring two male first year lambs….” On Rosh Chodesh, in addition to two bulls and a ram, there are seven lambs brought.  On Pesach, Shavuot, Sukkoth, Rosh Hashanah and Yom […]

Tikanta Shabbos

February 26, 2013, by

The mid-section of the Shabbat Mussaf prayer is, “Tikanta Shabbat Ratzita Korbanoteha –        G-d,You instituted the Shabbat and have taken pleasure in its offerings…” The first thing to note regarding this Tefillah is that it is a reverse acrostic. The prayer begins with Tof and continues backwards through the alphabet until Alef. Reverse acrostics are […]

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