When Does He Sleep?

There’s an old saying, “If you want something done, ask a busy person.” Well, somehow, beyond all the limitations of a 24-hour day, Rabbi Shalom Rosner has managed to do it again!

Rabbi Rosner is one of the most popular and most prolific contributors to OU Torah. Among the ongoing series he provides are Daf Yomi – followed daily by thousands worldwide – and a popular parsha shiur, which, for many, is the most eagerly-anticipated piece of Torah of the week.

Other series Rabbi Rosner has delivered are Daf b’Iyun on topics in the daily daf, and Sefer HaMitzvos, which is now running in a parallel daily schedule alongside The OU’s Taryag.

So what, exactly, is it that Rabbi Rosner has done again? He’s made lightning strike for – what? The fifth or sixth time? (We lost count!) Just this week, OU Torah launched the new series Rabbi Rosner on Nach. Only one shiur had been posted and we were deluged with inquiries asking where the podcast link was. (It takes a day or so – it’s there now.)

Rabbi Rosner is currently teaching sefer Yehoshua (the book of Joshua), though we recommend you not miss his Introduction to Neviim. If this is your first exposure to Rabbi Rosner, you will quickly discover why he is such a fan favorite with serious students of Torah in the US, Israel and around the globe.