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250. Hocus Pocus!: The prohibition against “conjuring”
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This prohibition includes at least two aspects. First, it prohibits ascribing auspicious times to activities such as, “If you take the 7:00 train you will make money today but if you take the 8:00 train, you will lose money.” (Again, the relevance of the timing makes a difference. “Buy today, before the stock splits” is […]
248. Jumping the Gun: The prohibition against gluttony
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In parshas Ki Seitzei (Deuteronomy chapter 21), we read of the ben sorer u’moreh, the “stubborn and rebellious son,” who is punished for, among other things, his gluttonous ways. We have a problem however: the Torah never imposes a punishment for something unless it had somewhere warned us not to do that thing! So where […]