Ki im hachareish tacharishi ba’eis hazos…

This is a time when we may not be silent.

Please – right now – stop whatever you are doing, pray to Hashem, and write a letter to President Biden urging him to remain strong in his support of Israel.

This past Sunday we celebrated Purim, gathering in our shuls to hear the reading of Megillas Esther that recounts our deliverance from the attempted Holocaust led by Haman and Achashverosh. We came to shul with “groggers” (noisemakers) which in keeping with tradition and in violation of usual synagogue decorum – we let loose every time the wicked Haman’s name was mentioned.

We did this because we learned the lesson of Mordechai who told Esther that she must not be silent in the face of evil. Ki im hachareish tacharishi ba’eis hazos. “For if you will choose to be silent, salvation will come from elsewhere.”

That is what we did on Sunday. We reacted to the very mention of Haman, refusing to be silent in the face of evil.

But then on Monday we watched as the United States was silent in the face of evil, abstaining rather than opposing our enemies in the UN Security Council. The obsessively anti-Israel United Nations has unconscionably continued to refuse to condemn the absolute evil that is Hamas. Throughout the current conflict, the United States had stood in the UN with the good that is Israel and against the supporters of the evil that is Hamas, but on Monday it failed to do so and chose instead to be silent, to abstain.

In the face of evil, we do not abstain. We are not silent.

The supporters of Hamas are not being silent. Sometimes they raise their voices in outright and explicit hatred, but more often they cloak themselves in the false righteousness of those progressives who ignore the true barbarism of Hamas while amplifying fabricated accusations against Israel. The supporters of Hamas are not being silent, and they are succeeding in promoting a false narrative of Israeli brutality that is emboldening Israel’s enemies, confusing its friends, continuously weakening the administration’s support of Israel’s war to destroy Hamas, and fueling the spike in antisemitism that is harming American Jews every day.

Now is the time when you and I must not be silent, must not abstain.

Now is the time when we must raise our voices to urge the administration to continue the strong support it had provided to Israel since October 7. Now is the time to speak up about the good that is Israel and the evil that is Hamas and demand the unconditional and immediate release of the hostages.

We, the community of firm and strong supporters of Israel, must NOW make our voices heard loud and clear to President Biden and the Administration. They have heard loud and clear from Israel’s enemies, opponents, and critics. It is time they heard from us, from those who stand with the good and against evil. Ki im hachareish tacharishi ba’eis hazos.

This Wednesday, April 3rd, as we mark 180 days of the conflict and of the captivity of the hostages, we intend to deliver 180,000 letters to the White House urging President Biden to be strong in his support of Israel. Please write your letter and make sure that everyone in your family (each member of your family should write their own letter), your shul, and your school does as well. We welcome you to join us in Washington; please click here to RSVP and receive the location information.