Dear President Biden,

On October 7, Hamas acted on its expressed genocidal drive to brutally murder, rape, and kidnap Jewish men, women, and children.

You immediately recognized Hamas’ evil and strongly supported Israel’s fulfillment of its moral obligation to destroy Hamas, secure Gaza, and free the hostages.

April 3, 2024, marks 180 days since that black day.

· 180 days of the unimaginable torture of those held hostage in Gaza.

· 180 days of shockingly increasing antisemitism on the streets and campuses of this country.

· 180 days of Israel fighting an enemy that has cynically and viciously embedded itself within the civilian population.

President Biden, I am writing to ask for your strong support for Israel to enable her to achieve her goal of effectively eradicating Hamas.

· Israel and its army are the good fighting the unspeakably evil, making unprecedented efforts to minimize civilian casualties and maximize humanitarian assistance while doing what they must to eliminate the mortal threat to their citizens. We need you to continue to stand with them.

· We need you to push back against the narrative that is feeding the antisemitism harming American Jews every day, absurdly turning the accusation of genocide against those defending themselves from it.

· And we need you – who have been so dedicated to the release of the precious hostages – to increase the pressure to achieve their unconditional and immediate release.

Thank you for your commitment to Israel. Please continue to stand strong with Israel – it’s the right thing to do today and it will long be remembered.

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