Laying Down the Law

Did you know that OU Torah has many series designed to help our audience improve their knowledge and practice of Jewish law?

On Orach Chaim (mostly), the volume of Shulchan Aruch that deal with day-to-day life, there’s HaShoneh Halachos, featuring two halachos a day from the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch. (This series is also available as a daily email.)

On Choshen Mishpat, the volume of Shulchan Aruch addressing business ethics, there’s the aptly-named series, Business Ethics.

On Yoreh Deah, the volume of Shulchan Aruch dealing with matters of kashrus, there’s the equally aptly-named Yoreh Deah (provided by Rabbi Eli Gersten and Rabbi Yitzchak Friedman of OU Kosher).

If you want to hear brief shiurim on questions of contemporary halacha, there’s Practical Halacha, delivered by Rabbi Avi Zakutinsky, author of Umekareiv Binyamin on halachic shailos posed to those in kiruv.

A new series in OU Torah’s Halacha section is Halacha L’Maaseh, written by Richard B. Aiken and appearing courtesy of As of this writing, OU Torah has featured articles introducing readers to the basics of Jewish law: What is Halacha?, Mitzvot, Halachic Practice, and Halachic Decisions (Psak) – with more to come!

And this isn’t even everything! So visit OU Torah on Halacha and hone your knowledge. Halacha: It’s not just a good idea – it’s the law!