Just the Facts, Ma’am.

Long-time visitors to the OU web site – by which we mean long, long, LONG long-time visitors – may remember a a feature called Judaism 101. This section predated OU Torah, predated Nach Yomi – it may even have predated the OU’s online Daf Yomi. (I’m not sure about that because they both predate me!) Judaism 101 never really went away, it just kind of got buried and it was not navigable from the last several permutations of OU.org. (In other words, it was there but you’d have to know the address or Google it. There was no way to click there from elsewhere on the OU site.)  Well, no more! Judaism 101 is back and prominently featured on OU Torah!

What will you find in Judaism 101? Its three main components are:

* The Glossary. Reading an article on OU Torah or elsewhere and you don’t know what, say, the Mishkan is?  Head on over to the glossary and find out!

* Biographies. Who was Bar Yochai and why is there a song about him? Who was R. Chaim of Volozhin? For that matter, who was Golda Meier? Learn all about great Jewish leaders from Biblical times until the modern era.

* This Day in Jewish History. Want to know what happened on a particular day in a Hebrew month (like Adar) or a secular month (like September)? Now’s your chance!

We hope you’ll enjoy this useful resource, but here’s the part where we make work for you (which, in turn, will make work for us): Is something inaccurate? Outdated? Should something or someone have an entry but doesn’t? Let us know! Email nach@ou.org with your suggestions for how we can make this feature even better!