And the Hits Just Keep on Coming!

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In recent Torah Blog posts, we told you about some of the new shiurim featured on OU Torah for 5778. These include Timely Topics in Halacha by Rabbi Isaac RiceUnlocking the Messages in Chazal by Rabbi Shai Finkelstein, Mishlei: Wisdom for Life by Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz, and Rebbetzin Pearl Borow on Nach. Additionally, we unveiled new parsha series from Rabbi Daniel Glatstein and Rabbi Menachem Leibtag. But that’s not all!

Yes, it’s true! Still more new shiurim for you to enjoy have been added to OU Torah!

Minchat Chinuch by Rabbi Ian Pear joins other OU Torah series on the mitzvot alongside The OU’s Taryag and Rabbi Rosner on Sefer HaMitzvot. Rabbi Pear, who received his semicha from RIETS and a law degree from NYU School of Law, lives in Jerusalem and delivers his shiur at the OU Israel Center. Topics covered as of this writing include pru u’r’vu, bris milah and various laws of the korban pesach.

Rabbi Yochanan Bechhofer, author of the book Even Shesiya – a monumental work on Maimonides’ 13 principles – has rapidly become one of the most popular and prolific maggidei shiur on OU Torah, speaking on parsha, holidays and more. His latest endeavor is an exciting new series called Bad Guys of the Bible. The first two installments, already available for your listening pleasure, focus on The Snake and Kayin (Cain).

And… we have two more parsha series, from some of OU Torah’s most popular teachers: Meshech Chochmah by Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein (a new text series on top of his existing audio shiur, Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein on Parsha) and Meor Einaim  by Rav Avraham Chaim Feuer (who also delivers a renowned shiur on Chovos HaLevavos)!

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