Resolution Concerning Memorial Day Occurring this Year on the Traditional Shavuot Yizkor Day

18 May 2015

Whereas, from the death in combat of Frances Salvador, on July 31, 1776, in South Carolina until the death in combat of Joshua B. Silverman, on December 17, 2013, in Afghanistan, many thousands of Jews have sacrificed their lives in defense of the United States and 

Whereas, the U.S. Memorial Day this year falls on the traditional Shavuot Yizkor day–May 25, 2015, the JWB Jewish Chaplains Council—representing the CCAR, the RA and the RCA—by unanimous consent ereby resolves that Shavuot-Yizkor observances include the memorialization of those who fell in our defense and the defense of our freedoms

And hereby requests that all US rabbis and congregations invite Jewish veterans of America’s Wars to participate in Shavuot-Yizkor services that will memorialize those who have made the supreme sacrifice while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States.